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About Kakewalk

Kakewalk Cupcakes all started witih a passion for baking and pleasing others.  Keda learned to bake at a very young age from being grandma's helper in the kitchen.  Continously baking throughout life, grandma's baking knowledge would be one that stayed in Keda's heart forever.

Keda attended Howard University briefly then decided to move to New York City to pursue her modeling career.  After establishing a successful career, Keda moved back home to raise her children. While still modeling and juggling mommy hood, the idea of Kakewalk Cupcakes evolved. In early 2011 it all came to life.

Keda also created Alcohol cupcakes using signature liquors (Ciroc, Patron, Hennessy, Baileys and more) which became a big hit in the DC nightlife, providing cupcakes to various venues such as The Park on Fourteeth, Josephines, Shadowroom, Opera, Lotus and many more. Kakewalk Cupcakes has worked with many non-profit organizations such as THE BPBF, TOYS FOR TOTS and FEWONLINE to name a few. Other customers include The Jasmin Brand, Urban Cusp Magazine, Sports Zone, Shoe City and many more.

Kakewalk Cupcakes is also an official vendor for Koons Ford and The Obama 2012 Campaign! 

Dont miss out, order your Kedakakes today!

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